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Go Big BBQ's own competitive barbeque crew that is too HOT to handle!

Originating of a love of food and fire Matt Shorb has always been a fan of cooking over live fire. Through college he was famous for his cooking especially his wing nights and grill outs. From there his passion grew leading him to the world of competitive cooking in chili cook offs and the online world of Barbecue Boards. Known as Grand Scale he was most notable as a moderator on Steven Raichlenís Barbecue Bible website.

In 2005, Matt Shorb, took his love for barbecuing to the next level by designing and purchasing The Big Heavy, 17 Ĺ feet, 4,700 pounds of pure cooking machine. With The Big Heavy he started to compete in local and regional barbecue competitions and family and fundraising events. With the help of his family and friends he has shared his love for barbecue and chili and earned a reputation of great food around the area. With his competition team Team Hot Stuff they have earned a reputation for being a fun loving construction themed stand with goofy signage and lots of hot sauces. They have placed in many events in many categories including top prizes but they are most proud of having a great time! The Team Hot Stuff stand has become a hit at all events.

Now Go Big BBQ enters the Big Time with this website to promote its achievements, celebrate its successes, share its good times, and promote the world of live fire cooking.

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